How It Works

Our online digital content distribution service platform allows you to upload any such digital content to BlockaPlay, optionally convert that to NFT and distribute, sell directly in the platform. They will also be able to license/rent content and/or sell NFT of such contents using our platform. If NFTed by the user, the encryption hash of the NFTed digital content will be stored in the blockchain. Register easily and enjoy all the premium features.
How To Sell Digital Contents Online?
  • 1. Quick and Easy Signup

    BlockaPlay have a very easy signup for one who wants to sell your digital contents. Sigup is simple process with only few details to be submitted. You have to verify your email address to complete the registration process.

  • 2. Upload Your Digital Contents

    Once you have signup, you can easily upload your digital contents. This digital content can be songs & music films, movies & documentaries, news, magazines, books & blog content, events games, images, fashion or digital fashion, or decentralized apps. Users will be able to add any such digital content to BlockaPlay.

  • 3. Convert Digital Contents to NFT

    For NFT conversion we'll encode the digital content and calculate the SHA-256 hash of the content, and register the hash (not the full content) in Solana Blockchain, for future verification of its accuracy. Any change/tampering in the content will change the SHA-256 hash of the digital content and the future verification will be failed.

  • 4. Add to Marketplace

    There are 3 market places available in our platform, rent,NFT and license. In rent market place users can rent various types of digital contents from each other. NFT marketplace is a blockchain-based online platform to sell and buy non-fungible digital contents and in license market place where users can sell or busy various types of license of digital contents from each other

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